Re-Branding NuVinci Cycling

NuVinci Cycling, a division of Fallbrook Technologies Inc., aims to move people better through its product portfolio of stepless, automatic and integrated shifting products for bicycles and eBikes.

In 2017, Fallbrook decided to turn NuVinci into a separate, independent company and create a headquarter for the European market in Amsterdam.

Our task: the re-positioning and re-branding of NuVinci Cycling. A new name was needed, that would be usable under trademark protection laws, and registered worldwide. Subsequently, all products needed re-naming and re-branding.

logo 0 new
Logo Inspiration: The NuVinci Planetary Gear Hub
logo 1 new2

enviolo – Naming and Logo

The name is an artificial compound of the acronym “NVO” (pronounced en-vee-oh), the company-internal abbriviation for NuVinci Optimized, and “Velo”.

The logo idea is derived from the gear hub technology of rotating, tilting balls.

colour logos 1
enviolo City
colour logos 2
enviolo Trekking
colour logos 3
enviolo Sportive
colour logos 4
enviolo Cargo
colour logos 5
enviolo Commercial
colour logos 6
enviolo Claim

groupset 1
enviolo Group Set Icons
Isometric Web Mockup
enviolo Website
sales 1
sales 2
sales 3
sales 4
enviolo Sales Folder
manual 1
enviolo Technical Manual
manual 4
enviolo Technical Manual
manual 5
enviolo Technical Manual
manual 6
enviolo Technical Manual
enviolo Business Cards

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