Corporate Design and brochure for German eco-city close to Berlin. The Eco City is a prototype of a cellular ecological city organism that will be operated as self-sufficiently as possible. Its inhabitants are consumers and producers at the same time. The Eco City is above all an international campus city, education and training in sustainable urban development its foundation.

01 ecocity logo
02 ecocity berlin
03 ecocity wuensdorf

04 wuensdorf brochure

05 icec newspaper
icec wuensdorf mag 0004 Layer 1
icec wuensdorf mag 0003 Layer 3
icec wuensdorf mag 0002 Layer 4
icec wuensdorf mag 0001 Layer 5

icec wuensdorf mag 0000 Layer 6

06 eco city cards

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