NION Berlin

Having run a design studio in Tokyo for several years, and with both experience and a keen interest in Japanese design and culture, less rain supports “Japan Town Berlin” with a new naming, branding and design.

“Nion” is a proposal to develop an urban area in Berlin into a German Japanese hotspot of contemporary creativity and traditional culture, an innovative technology hub and a striving “local meets international” community.

Initiated by Ryotaro Bordini Chikushi, Andreas Krueger, Andreas Foidl, the project was publicly unveiled at the Asian-Pacific Weeks Berlin, 2016.

less rain developed a bold and vibrant identity for the project, fusing traditional Japanese imagery with contemporary design. The main colour, Pantone 805, is a bright neon red, obviously referencing both the Japanese and the Berlin flag. It also led us to naming the project NION, a play on both the colour and the word “NIHON” (“Japan”).

nion berlin 0
nion berlin 10
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nion letterhead3
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showroom bar
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nion mockup
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NION skate

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