NION showroom

Design Concept and interior design for architectural showroom for Nion. A multi functional space which can host exhibitions, community gatherings and team meetings. The 100 sqm space contains a 30 sqm office space in the back and an open showroom in the front which is accessible from Moritzplatz.

The minimal design is slightly Japan related with its wooden panels, an area to take off shoes and slip into house shoes, various shelves to showcase inspirational materials from Japan, a map showing all Japan related activities, shops and restaurants in Berlin.

showroom bar

IMG 9870
bar under construction
IMG 8976 2
oil colours
IMG 2286
IMG 9869
IMG 9916
IMG 2081
meeting area
IMG 9868
radiator bench frames
IMG 1969
IMG 9917
meeting area
IMG 2085

nion showroom 01

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