Hello Future, nice to move you.

Concept and design of the key visual for Schaeffler’s 2019 CES appearance in Las Vegas.

As more and more people live in megacities, the search for intelligent urban mobility solutions is becoming increasingly urgent. How will we get around in the city of tomorrow?

This is one of the fundamental questions, that Schaeffler tries to answer with visionary concepts shaping the mobility of the future.

Tasked with visualising these concepts, we created a virtual “future Las Vegas” as a backdrop to illustrate the Schaeffler Mover, Bio Hybrid, and E-Mobility solutions in different scenarios.

The 3D scene could be rendered from different angles to zoom in to single scenarios, and thus be used for different applications such as invitations, newsletters, social media banners and even interactive AR and VR applications.

mobiles big.effectsResult
mockup newsletter

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