Talk about the Weather

Talk about the Weather was a monthly event by Meyer,Miller,Smith and less rain between 2009-2011 with a stage for creatives who wanted to present and discuss their latest work, ideas and projects. It was hosted in our own basement bar.

The audience: 30 – 50 interesting and interested creative minds – designers, entrepreneurs, authors, filmmakers, photographers, prophets, lateral thinkers, artists, philosophers and futurists, from Berlin and the rest of the world. That’s why some talks are held in English.

The Format

Three speakers, three topics. Each presentation should be about 30 minutes long, but we where not using a stopwatch. Afterwards, a lively discussion at the bar. Every first Tuesday of the month, from 8pm – 12am. The first presentation starts at 8.30pm.

Talk about the Weather is a non-commercial event. Admission is free. Speakers are not paid, but have free drinks at the less rain bar.

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Talk Flyer front

promotional folded poster explaining the format and showing the monthly dates with a list of previous speakers and topics.

Talk flyer back

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Previous speakers and topics:

Martin Eberle and Diana Simon talked about a photographic adventure called Pyongyang. Roland Fuhrmann talked about the exceptional tree house architecture of the french palombières. The 2 geodesists Johann Zeitler and Klaus W. Eisenlohr talked about their architecture walks through Marzahn-Hellersdorf. Director Andy Kaiser and Daniela Knapp talked about pushing conventional animation to the limits with their short movie “Friendly Fire.” Photographer Alexander von Reiswitz talked about arranging random people on the streets of Tokyo, New York for his Family Constellation Project. Stephan Steigleder, senior manager digital media at Universal Music talked about opening up classical music to a club audience with the “Yellow Lounge” . François Chalet talked about his collaboration as a visual artist with the french contemporary dance “Compagnie Thomas Duchatelet”. Stefan Scheer talked about working under the precondition that „Advertising is Truth”. English artist duo Tado talked about saccharine and sex for everyone! The architect Gesa von Grote talked about her insights into developing unique exhibition concepts. Wolfgang Opel and his team talked about the process of creating a 3d add-on  for the iPhone. The “engineer in the arts “ Frieder Weiss talked about his his video projection software that tracks the movement of dancers in real-time. Product Designer Andreas Sommerwerk talked about the work involved producing his exclusive line of hand stitched watches. Tobias Neisecke talked about implimenting healthcare & medical issues in the context of virtual worlds. Studio Ü talked about creating an animated tv series for kids on philosophy. Stefanie Hoffmann, co-founder of the mobile platform Aka-Aki talked about taking social networking to the streets. Ryotaro Bordini Chikushi talked about market research on the japanese consumer market. Less Rain talked about the development of the Red Bull Soapbox Racer. The artist Roland Fuhrmann talked about the construction of biggest airship hangar in the world in 1913. Christian Mahler talked about the beauty of mass customized, machine-readable data. Photographer Andreas Gehrke talked about his disturbingly beautiful photos of burned down landscapes on the greek Peloponnesian peninsula. Artist and musician Satch Hoyt talked about his the stories behind his multi layered sculptures and installations. New media artist Sebastian Purfürst talked about The Fine Art of Designing Silence. Digital nomad Jörg Pfeiffer talked about the production of his video colum km42 for spiegel online. The two bloggers Dirk and Mac talked about how a virtual graffiti in their weblog got out of control and appeared on city streets. Curator Ela Kagel talked about the invention of a “Free Culture Incubator”. The collective Contentismissing talked about how to ensure a creative environment for collaboration as well as independent work. Hamburg based software developer Florian Siepert talked about „That’s how we do things round here“ by analyzing the word-wide financial crisis. Entrepreneur Michael Hecken talked about launching his high-performance e-bike “Grace”. Commercial director and photographer Werner Kranwetvogel talked about his latest photographic work on the North Korean Mass Games. Celia Czerlinski talked about how to single-handedly start a top-fashion brand in Berlin . Author and trend scout Michela Vieser talked about “Overlooked Sights. German Places.”

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