The New Aero Brand

The New Aero wheels are developed by a small international team, including our good friend and photographer Uli Heckmann. Less Rain joined forces and created logo and identity.

The logo has been developed out of a circle, so that it can be placed onto the center hub caps of the wheels. The Logo consists of the overlaying letters t, n and a. Alternatively, the letters can also be drawn apart, creating a legible logo type.

Additionally, the underlying grid is used in an exploded view, creating patterns and a sense of dynamic movement.

Together, the three elements, logo type and the exploded grid – create a versatile construction kit for creating branded materials.


The stationary uses photography of Uli and some of his colleagues. Overlaid, the same image is used again, mirrored inside a TNA logo and with contrasting colours.

On the back, the neon yellow Pantone 810 produces a strong contrast, underlining the contradictory nature of the wheels and the balance between performance and aesthetics.

The New Aero Website

Responsive WordPress-based website for The New Aero, high-performance wheels for Tesla cars.

The site has an integrated online shop using WooCommerce, which has been tailored to our clients’s specific needs.


the new aero main mockup

For search engine optimisation we’ve integrated the Yoast SEO plug-in, which allows the client to optimise each page separately, including how it is shared in social media with specific images and text excerpts. As a result the site quickly appeared in Google’s top 10 results for the relevant search terms.

the new aero portfolio page 05 05

The New Aero Packaging

As part of the branding for the New Aero wheels for Tesla’s Model S, we’ve created a simple, sturdy, heavy duty packaging, that can deal with rough handling during transit.

Inside, customers will not only find the beautiful rim, but also a small, very high quality leaflet holding the tools necessary for mounting the new wheels.

The New Aero Wheels

High efficiency wheels for the Tesla Model 3, developed by our friend and photographer Uli Heckmann and his team in Sweden. The aerodynamic blades design improves the car’s efficiency by almost 10% compared to Tesla’s own Aero wheels.

Less Rain has joined the team at a very early stage and is creating the identity, the website and consults on the overall look of the wheel in combination with a unique center cap.

Black 01 2
tna Black 01 Ornament 2

tna Silver 01 2
tna Silver 01 Ornament 2

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