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Atari website relaunch

Not made in 2004

Once poster child of the industry, now it’s Game Over. Alongside Infogrames re-positioning of the Atari brand in 2004, we were asked to propose ideas for a new web presence.

Growing up with the iconic VCS console ourselves, we devised a concept relating strongly to that golden age of video games. We had the user sitting in front of a flickering TV screen, sorting through game cartridges and boxes on the floor, exactly like us 25 years earlier. Unlike our childhood living room however, cleaning up was quick and easy with filters sorting games into neat piles by name, date or platform.

For videos or browser-based games, the camera would point at the TV, with model and screen size depending on the users internet connection speed.

Too innovative, Atari said and chose an off-the-shelf solution. The rest is history.

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