Our work

Our work is concept driven, unique, tailor-made, humorous, fun, intelligent and sophisticated. We are never trying to be stylish but fuse contemporary design and the art of storytelling with technology.

brand creation

From product to brand to all touch points – we create brands with a strong visual identity. Here are some brands where we where our branding was involved right from the beginning.

branding for digital department

brand creation for rim designers

Real estate naming and branding

E-Cargo bike design & branding

Re-Branding NuVinci Cycling

Branding for German / Japanese City Development Project

Skateboard Brand

Fashion Label

Vintage Boutique

Travel Products

visual identity

Building and expanding on corporate designs.

branding for estate developer

Re-Branding NuVinci Cycling

Branding for Outdoor and Travel Products Company

Introducing a new e-bike motor

Packaging Creality

Branding for German / Japanese Record Store

Visual Identity

Website and Identity

Website and Visual Identity

Branding and Portal for VIP Shopping Platform

Corporate Design

Branding for E-bike Motor

Car Wraps

Identity and Website

Corporate Design

event design and promotion

From invitation to location and setting. We even brew the beer if you let us.

event concept, design and execution

Exclusive Event Invitation

Exclusive Give-Away

Voting Application

Virtual Exhibition Tour Guide

For our Tokyo Office Opening

Open house, event and invitation

Exhibition Website

Logo Design & Event Communication

latest websites

Less rain’s digital sub-division “Meyer, Miller, Smith.” has been specialising in building custom WordPress websites since a couple of years. This because of WordPress’s enormous flexibility and cost efficiency.  Here are some examples of WordPress portfolios, blogs, e-commerce solutions we have been developing together.

Website / Custom Online Shop

Custom WordPress website

Website for sapphire trader

E-Cargo bike design & branding

Investor Information and Community

Packaging Creality

print design

We design corporate communication, from stationary to catalogues, to brochures and books.

Wennick-Lefèvre certificates

Image Brochure for sapphire trader

Facts and Figures

Science and Research Instutions in Berlin

Corporate Design

Print Material

interior design

product design

Modular office furniture

High Efficiency Tesla Wheels

Design and Visualisation

Product Design

craft beer for event


Packaging for The New Aero Wheels

Exclusive Event Invitation

Packaging design for solar charger

Packaging Design

For our Tokyo Office Opening

film and motion graphics

With a multidisciplinary team of writers, directors, designers and producers we create films for any channel, plattform or screen: From mobile phone to computer and TV to large-scale projections.

Movie for the new 8-speed dual clutch transmission.

Animated presentations

Moving Images

Corporate Film

interface design

We prototype, build and test interfaces for a wide range of applications, platforms and devices.

UI design for iOS and android app, monitoring your plants’ well-being.

Online Video Platform

Interface Prototype

Data Visualisation and Interface Design

Online Skateboard Customisation

Online Ski Customisation

Photo Equipment Rental Platform

iOS Music App

digital products

Our digital sub-division “Meyer,Miller,Smith.” crafts web and mobile games, applications, interactive toys and tools.

Online Community and Graffiti Tool

Digital Marketing Plan and Sales Tool

Product Customisation Software

3D Messaging

Order Food and Drinks from your Phone

Interface Prototype

If you build it you can fly it

iOS Music App

websites archived

We create responsive websites and apps in all shapes and sizes, from portfolio websites and homepages for individuals and small organisations to enterprise-level, multi-lingual portals.

Regardless of size and budget, all projects are handled with the same care and attention to detail.

Audio Portfolio

Portfolio for Post Production Company

Exhibition Website

Gemstones Traders Portfolio

“Weekender” Event Calendar

F1 Team Website

Online Card Game

Action Game in the iconic Cartoon Style

Campaign Website for VW Japan

Identity and Website

Wbsite and Online Magazine

what we didn't do

The dead idea is lying on the conference table. Not a pretty sight, not even for the crime scene cleaner. Blood sprayed up to the ceiling , the floor littered with dashed hopes. And the motivation is lying completely lifeless in one corner. Following is a short selection of shot down ideas.

E-bike Motor Brand

Proposal for Website and Communication

A book got buffed

Science and Research Instutions in Berlin

A Relaunch Proposal

Animated Prototype

Content Hub Proposal