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Zuio.tv Video Platform

Creative, fast, radical – for Zuio.tv a team of young budding presenters is producing TV for the online generation, under the patronage of Frank Elstner.

During the “Frank Elstner Masterclass” they not only learn how to speak in front of a rolling camera, but rather how to produce a show in its entirety – from researching and writing to filming and editing to publishing it online. Some even build their own studio sets.

We developed the Zuio.tv website in HTML 5, for computer and tablets. A powerful Symfony CMS combined with the Kaltura video platform allows the presenters to upload and manage their video assets, add meta data, and publish clips in various formats, simultaneously to different video platforms.

Zuio.tv is our third large-scale online video project, following the successful Red Bull Media Gallery and a research project on the future of interactive television for Sony.

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